Fly High

Bird at Macclesfield Park

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Sometimes the daily prompt reminds me of a picture my dad took. It requires a certain amount of patience to capture the perfect moment. To all you photographers out there keep doing you because I know its not an easy task.

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Across the Bridge. What do you see?

Good Evening everyone Nabeel here. Hope you’re all doing well on this fine warm night at the east coast. Going through my news feed I came across this weeks photo challenge so I decided to post a picture I took couple days ago.

Every picture you will take will tell you a story about your past. It’ll be dark or mysterious or it’ll be full of joy. Photography is an art but everyone looks at the pictures different. What do you feel when you look at this picture of a sunset bridge? Some of you will feel calmness because of the stillness of the lake; some might feel loneliness due to dark skies and dark bridge; and lastly, some of you might feel hopeful due to darkness emerging in orange skies which gives an individual an impression of hope.

There are a lot of bridges around you as a fellow blogger get out there and take a picture of what you see. The way you take the picture and how you feel towards is what you truly feel from the inside.

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My title says it all. Im very picky as to what I like when I’m snacking on something. But it all comes down to popcorns. When I tell you this believe me theres nothing more appealing to me a than a bag of popcorns.

In Summer nights I usually eat a bag of popcorn everynight. Its the perfect snack, it goes with the movies, your tv shows etc. Even after you just had a big meal you can still snack on popcorn because they’re that light.

Yes, I’m one of those people who get a bucket of popcorn when I go to the movie theatre and actually finish it and get a refill for free. I don’t even need another person help me finish it because I usually kill it all by myself. Sounds weird but its true lol.

What comes to your mind when you think of snack? Or whats your favorite snack?

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Eid Mubarak. Happy Eid!

I wish you all a very happy Eid Mubarak from my family to yours. People who are going through hardships in life may all those hardships end soon. May you get all the happiness in the world. May you and your loved ones find peace and happiness in this world and the next. May all your blogs get alot for views and followers haha. Anyways I’d like to thank all my followers for being with me for the past year its been great having your support.


Stay happy! Eid Mubarak!

The perfection of sunny days.

Took a little break from the real world made a cup of coffee and went out for a walk. Looking around at the greenery  while the chill breeze hit my face. Thinking about past and the future at the same time but in that moment it didn’t matter. The suns rays hit my face and it felt good. Felt like I was being recreated.

Went outside while it was sunny. I sat down next to the fireplace and I decided to put my phone away and just stare at a distance. I don’t even remember what I was staring at. It felt good though. At that moment I wasn’t paying attention to anything or anyone. Sat outside for good hour and honestly, maybe thats all that I needed to get back to my crazy life 🙂

If you’re going through a tough time or even something that is bothering you just step outside for a little take a walk and put your phone away. Sit outside for an hour and just stare into a blank space. Might sound weird at first but when you come back in your house it’ll be a nice happy feeling. That vitamin D will really help you out trust me!

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What goes around comes around

An object that rotates

An object that goes in circle.

A machine that goes in circle.

Those are just a few things that comes to your mind when you talk about wheel. But what comes to your mind at a deeper level? Taking everything back to high school years whatever the amount you put in is the amount you’re going to end up getting in return. My point? its a cycle. Your efforts will always go unnoticed and at the end of the day whatever is yours will be yours if the amount of work you put in is sufficient.

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Gateway Arch St. Louis


Daily Prompt: Paragon

Mastering what you know and sharing your thoughts and ideas will make you feel better about yourself. Moreover it’ll make you feel like a leader. People will actually take time of their day to listen to what do you have to say about a certain product or a particular topic. Being good at somethings makes you “important”. Its because you have something to offer to our society.

Besides no one wants to hang around with people who don’t have anything useful to offer. Look around you. Your friends and even your family; why do you hangout with them? They’re your friends but why are they your friends? Why are you close to the people you spend your days with? Ever thought of it like that?

Its because they have some form of knowledge that you don’t possess and you want to learn from them. It could be literally anything in the world even if its the most dumbest thing it still counts. But question is where am i getting to with this topic?

If you good at something master it, be the perfect example of it. Thats what comes to my mind when i think about paragon. People who are very popular today are popular because they shared their knowledge with us and now we take their output in. Sometimes it helps us sometimes it doesn’t. But everyone of them is a perfect example of themselves.

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Daily Prompt: Puncture

Here I am sipping my coffee its about 3:58am and I decided that I will continue my journey of blogging; looking back at my previous blogs I’ve came a long way as far as my life goes. Anyways lets talk about todays blog.

Ill try to upload daily and ill match up an event with the daily word. Its like ill be giving you my life in little pieces. Cool right?

Whats the first thing you connect to the word puncture? Personally I always connect it to my tires.  Two weeks ago my me and my dad had to replace tires of my car because of the front tire were punctured. The reason why this little incident is so important to me because this is the first time I’ve ever replaced a tire. Its one of those things that I never really needed. Every time my tire punctured we use to call AAA and get it replaced but this time my dad took the time out to show me how everything is done. It wasn’t the most easy job in the world. It was simple but lifting the car up from the jack had me in swear. Still fun though.  But i enjoyed it. We had little father son time after probably years and I learned something. It was nice.

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Dead End

Even though I’m only 23 years old it feels like ive been around for way too long. Where ever I look all I see is people succeeding and doing  things to better themselves. As happy as it makes me it also brings me down at times. People say use that to motivate you and do better but eventually  it ends up getting to you. Why do we do it? I don’t know. It just happens. Its like I’m at a dead end where there isn’t any way for me to proceed.

Thats my summer in a nutshell.

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