From teen to tees.

In our generation this is the time of uncertainty. Everything is a big blur during this time phase. I wouldn’t say everyone is like that but some of us are and I see that all around me. Even the most popular kids start to feel sad and lonely.

Lets take it back to school years where everything was perfect. Our problems were so little that now that we look back at them they weren’t problems at all. We miss them. Who remembers the assignment that was worth 5 points and we tried our best to finish before class started? or count the number of people in front of me during a class reading session so I know what is my paragraph? Or even put your head down pretend you’re not in a class room so the teacher doesn’t get your attention and asks you a question? I miss those days. I miss those problems. Towards the end of highschool our biggest problem for most of us were what college should we apply to or what university is the best one to get into. I remember the colleges I applied to and I know how stressed out I was. Every acceptance letter was a post on facebook, twitter or instagram to show off our achievements. It was an awesome time.

Then we went to college. In my case I stared with a community college and then transfer to Temple University. This is the time when it hits you that highschool was better. It was way better than this. Work load in college was insane and everything was just a big maybe. Im going to speak for myself and say at the beginning of every semester I was 200% sure that I would end up with straight As. Those As changed to Bs then Cs and then towards the end of it you’d just pray that please I just want to pass the course. Im sitting here thinking about that and its hilarious to me now because I remember how tensed I was the day before the final and now that day is nothing but a distant memory.

Everything still is a big blur. I changed majors from biology to computer science so i do not honestly know what direction am I going to. ย Ill be honest; my goal is to go to grad school, find a job, get married, have a family, somewhere in there buy me a house and live my life. Its all planned out.

I will be blogging every chance I get, every time i do something exciting or something happens in my life. Any advice, comments are welcomed.

Keep in mind im not doing this for fame or money, im doing this for no more than talking to new people, learning about individuals.

so, wander with nabeel


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    1. I appreciate that you took the time out to read what I had to offer. A lot more stuff to come soon! Thankyou๐Ÿ™ƒ


      1. Thankyou lots! I just subbed to you I’ll be visiting your page everytime you post something . Feel free to put your input in on my reads


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