Lets social media.

Being a college student I look around myself and all i see is unhappy people that are just worried and depressed. I get like that too at times but then I saw a pattern to that. The pattern was me being on social media. Lets take a step back and realize why we made social media to begin with? to catch up with people we lost touch with. Not to show off every little detail we do throughout the day correct? but my generation puts everything on there and I think thats why it affects others in a negative way.

do i make sense?

Lets say theres a student who isnt doing very well in classes. His major is biology. If that individual doesnt sit down and study everynight of the week he will fail or do bad in his courses (im an ex biology major). He has a test after two days his friends are going out and he wants to go out with them but he cant because he has to study. Friends leave the house while hes studying. He opens his phone goes on snapchat and watches his friends story. Theyre out having a good time, partying it up. He feels left out.

And im not saying this happens over night only with people youre close with. It happens to every person who is struggling in life and when they see happy smiling faces on social media. All the person thinks is “their life is perfect, I wish i was her”. Thats the whole problem that people start to feel down when they visit social media.

I have social media too. but recently i deleted it and I only go on once every 5-10 days depends. What that did was when I go on it i scroll quickly through it and get back to my life. Im not used to opening my phone every two minutes and going through peoples lives. Its a waste of time honestly.

Their life isnt better than yours, the moments theyre sharing may seem better than your moments but their life isnt better. Everyone has down moments.

Try stepping away from social media for a little bit and just do you. Literally if you cant find anything to do listen to music, watch talk shows, watch music videos. Write blogs, read blogs, make youtube videos. Find whats best for you and learn something. Youll be proud of yourself.

This was to all those people who have been feeling down lately because finals are approaching and we all know how that makes everyone feel.

Let me know what you think!


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