Keep it together.

There will be a time in your life when your blood boils, you want to punch something or someone but if you’re sensible enough you’d wait it out to calm down, collect your thoughts and move on with your day. In my case, I put my headphones in turn the volume all the way up of any song so the thoughts in my heads gets trapped in that song. Then start working out so intensely that the pain of your muscles make you forget that thoughts that cloud your judgements.

Keep it together Nabeel. 

Thats the only thing that comes to my head because decisions made from anger are the worst decisions an individual would ever make. Maybe I am writing this to myself tonight because possibly no one understands this feeling, maybe people do and they act towards it differently. Some drink to a point where they black out, some go for an easier solution have seek sex with another individual or some just write it out. It doesn’t matter what the problem is because all you think about is revenge because of the hate you have in you.

you can only hate a person that you once loved dearly

Everything in your life will be connected with one thing and another. My High school teacher use to say “If you dont know an answer to a question come back to it later, and skip it for now” ; for some reason tonight while I was all heated up those words came to my head. I don’t know the answer to this question right now, Ill come back to it with a more clear mind. I have a whole test to finish which I know I can ace without this one question.

Keep it together.



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