Bad day?

Working in retail for five years I realized that there is a thing as a bad day. Everyone has those. But everyone has their own fight. Everyone has their own struggle. You might think you have it bad until you listen to someone elses story.
As a manager in a department store I understand everyone goes through tough days. We are humans. We all make mistakes and we all have emotions. But i’ll try to convey a message here that might benefit some people tonight. If youre having a bad day just take a deep breath and start your day; whatever youre going through will fade away over time. Whatever the problem is. Almost everything is healed with time. Taking your anger and frustration out on people doesn’t fix anything but it would make others miserable and they would dislike you.

“everyone hates me”

No. Ill say just no to that phrase. If youre one of those people who think like everyone hates you then you really need to take a step back from your situation and change the people youre around with because youre hanging out with the wrong type of group.


Just hear me out, life isn’t perfect. If it was perfect everyone would be happy, smiling and it would be great. Ever wondered that why do you feel happy? You wouldn’t know what happiness is until you know what sad is. If life was happy and easy it would be boring. Every twist and turn is a new experience.

Next time you’re feeling down think about the fact that happiness is right around the corner. It is completely okay to be sad and to let your guard down. But it also equally as important to get back up and face the world.

And reach out for help you will feel better when you share your problems. Feel free to comment down below with anything you have to add or you experience thats making you feel down lately.

Lets talk about it. 


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