What if?


While you’re reading this I want you to imagine it. Everyone in their life has a moment when they say “i wish i could go back in time” or “I would undo everything that ever cost me this much time”; think about that time for good two minutes. For everyone its a different time.

Now that you have thought it through, go back in time. You probably have that exact day ready in your thoughts where you want to be and start your life over. Usually its before a traumatic event, a relationship that ended badly or you losing a someone special. Imagine you want to start your life over from that particular point. What would you do different? I want whoever is reading this to comment below what would you change and why cant you change it?


Listen readers life isnt easy, its tough. I hate mine at this very point but for me to reach where I want to be I wont let yesterday define it. I see alot of my peers do that and their past literally controls them. Its okay to feel down for sometime in grieve because of a loss or a traumatic event. But you dont let it control you.

This is your life. Some of us have until tomorrow some of us have until 10 more years we dont know so its best for us to stop worrying about the past and have our future secured because ten years from now you dont want to look back and say “i wish i could go back in time”.

today is your “back in time” from the future. 

I’ll talk about myself for a little so you guys are comfortable with my story. I always wish that I could go back in time when I was in highschool and I tried harder so I was in a better college; I was always fun loving and didnt take school seriously. Once I was in community college i remember a story about my chemistry teacher that her husband went to a community college because his grades in Highschool werent good. He ended up acing college and hes doing really good with his work (hes a chemist). Point is, he got what he wanted to do. It wasn’t too late for him.

This is for my college buddies who are struggling and wishing that they were back in time changing things for the better. Well change them now! its not late to change and be better at whatever your heart desires. We live in the world where everything we do is expected of us and if we do something different people look at us like we have four heads. But thats a whole different topic for another blog.

all i would like to say is dont wish to go back in time to change something; change it now. You’ll thank me.

Ill keep blogging and keep writing about my thoughts so if you like what you read give other posts a try and subscribe to me. I appreciate it.



3 thoughts on “What if?

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  1. HI, Thank you for liking my post.
    I um, this post is very useful for me because I’m currently being so blue about life.
    But you know changing is not that easy. Sometimes u remember to change, but then few days later it will fade away over and over again and at the end of the day, you’ll start being depressed and think too much again about my past. I just couldn’t help it.


    1. I understand it’s not easy. Life isn’t easy. I’m currently working on a blog that might help you a little in the near future; also I’m here to talk to you just in case you’re lacking that perfect friend.


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