Its the little things in life; Treasure

keep carefully 

There are two kinds of treasure to me. One includes the value of cash, gold, jewelry, pearls etc; the other one is Little things in life. Thats the type of treasure I would love to share with my followers for tonights prompt. If youre talking to yourself late at night (im sure we all talk to our selves when we are alone), you always talk about the stuff that you miss the most. The little things in life. For me, its Pakistan. And where in pakistan? Hyderabad.

Treasure lies in the memories of an individual. To some people it may be learning how to ride the bike their first time. I remember my first time very clearly; I was in Lahore over for a family dinner at our cousins and he had a bicycle there. They already knew how to ride it. I got up on it and BAM! came right back down. It was all smiles and laughs. My cousin held the bike from behind and as he was pushing it he asked me to start peddling.  Once he let go I was doing good. I was doing super good for about next minute. Thats when i realized that nabeel, hes not behind you anymore; panick kicked in and BAM! i was on the ground again. But thats the night when I learned how to ride bicycle. I miss that.

To some people, treasure is sitting home with your family and watching movies in the basement till 4 in the morning. When I came from USA we had a really warm welcome. That night I went over to my uncles house who has this awesome basement and all of the cousins sat down and watched a movie. It was lovely. Those were the moments of treasure. i miss that.

To some of you it may be your very first job! Mine was McDonalds so its hard for me find memorable moments in that workplace but I did have some. The hiring process was exciting. It was summer of 2011 when I got the call from manager that I was hired. I was only part time but boy was I happy about landing my first job. The first time I got my paycheck it was below 100 dollars but at that moment, that paycheck was everything to me. I learned alot from that place but thats one place i do not miss hahaha. Maybe you do.

One thing i miss the most is the summer time when I was young. Remember when it was last day of your school and you had next 3 months off from school. It was the most fun and exciting time of our lives. For me when I was around that age I use to visit my grandmother in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Every other summer our cousins use to be there for months and we always use to have a great time.

Cute thing about all these memories is the fact that you didnt realize that those were the moments of treasure when you were in it. You didnt know that it will be the last time you would be doing that or feeling that way. As time moves on; things change. People drift away. Basically life happens.

We are constantly creating our treasure and we don’t even realize it. Every moment of laughter, every time you went out with your friends in highschool, every time you went to the movies, walked around in the mall, getting accepted to colleges, graduating highschool etc. Everything is a peice of treasure. To some people its their first kiss or their first love. Even if your relationship didnt end as you planned it to or you hate your ex; I bet there are times when you think about that time and you miss something about it.

Treasure isnt the materialistic things; its hidden in moments surrounding us. Treasure is in time thats continuously ticking. Treasure is in individual memories. Its all around us.


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