“A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something” 

This post will be a little bit different than my other posts or the type of stuff that i write about because of the given topic of “protest”. Every individual protests in a different manner; they have a different way of conveing their message. Different age group of people protest in a different tone. But every single person in this world has protested even a two year old at times.

a child not getting his favorite toy in Toys R Us who is crying and yelling from top of his lungs is a protester. a teenager who doesnt feel like eating homemade food, and he decides to go out or doesnt eat at all that night is a protestor. An individual not talking to their parents because they werent allowed to stay out on a saturday night is a protestor. Parents not talking to their kids because they did something they werent suppose to do is a protest.

We are surrounded with the word protest. We all protest in our daily lives without realizing it.

Lets talk about politics. Every election there are usually protests around the globe from the losing party. Its natural. In USA it was Trump vs Hilary. When president elect Donald Trump was announced victorious their were numorous protests that were taking place all across United States. Taking it back to different people protests in different manner; we saw many types of protests.

Ive seen people protesting outside my University in Philadelphia after the elections Ive seen people protest on social media. Basically wherever I go all I see is heated arguements.

Here is my thought and input in this presidential campaign

Being an immigrant Im very much against how Trump talks about other parties or candidates. He responds to degrade. He has degraded many people in his campaign to make himself feel supirior. Hes a hateful individual that has very strong point of view about immigrants and muslims. Its all over the internet I dont want to get into the stuff he said. From what Ive witnessed and seen is, He made fun of a guy who had a physical conditions, degrade women every chance he gets and he is against muslims.

Do i respect people who voted for him? Yes i do. United States is a democratic country and people have the right to vote and they have the right to say who they want as their president. If Hilary won their would still be unhappy people it just happens to be that this elections me and my family are on the Unhappy side. I wish Mr President Elect Donald Trump proves us wrong by being a great president history ever has to offer. It’ll be exciting to see a president in the office who doesnt know a thing about politics.

I gave my input because we were on the topic of protests. Hope you enjoyed my read. Until next time!

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  1. You do well writing about other topics. This is a great piece! I agree with all you said, great to read from an immigrants view too. And which by the way- I didn’t realize you are actually in the states, hmmm… 😉


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