Casual dressing for a chilly winter night. 

How to nail dress game when going out in winter without overdressing and without underdressing? 
I was going out tonight and decided to give a little advice to people who are not sure what to wear while going out for a casual hangout with friends or even family. These are “you can’t go wrong” clothing. 

I’m wearing a simple Tshirt underneath the maroon and grey hoodie that’s very visible in the picture. A plane hoodie without a lot of writing on it or logos is very essential. A lot of writing on hoodies either on the back or the front takes away the focus from your face. You want to keep the focus yet still look good. I’ll get back to the jacket in a little. 

Let’s talk about pants! My person favorite are chinos or casual khakis. They go with everything literally and yet they are classy. Joggers is another bottom that you can wear when you’re going out (they’re more towards casual). Some people like it some people don’t. Black, navy blue, beige are three very basic colors that would make any shirt pop out. I would avoid light colors on beige pants though. Every person is different so try out couple things to see what looks better on you. My skin tone is fairly light so darker colors suit me fairly well. If you’re more towards darker side try wearing light colors I’m sure they’ll make your face pop out. 

Shoes and accessories are very important in dressing up. They bring the whole outfit together. Depending on the individual preferences accessories is a cherry on the top. My person favorite are watches and belts. Even though you don’t see the belt in this outfit it’s always good to wear it. It’ll give you self confidence about yourself. Black or dark brown belt is what you need on your clothing since it goes with the colors shown above. Let’s talk about shoes for a little. Shoes are very important in your dress up . It may not seem like it but they bring everything together. You wouldn’t want to wear dark shoes underneath black pants. Light brown Aldo’s are the way to go. If Aldo’s are too expensive you should find a generic brand that’s similar style and rock that. Remember every person dress sense is a little different and color preferences will vary. 

If the weather is really cold outside you need a jacket on the top. I’m wearing a Kenneth Cole weather proof hoodie. Why? Well it was too damn cold outside. Anything in dark would make your grey hoodie pop out so just keep in mind. Your jacket should meld with the pants or atleast somewhat.  So when you stand away you can tell the difference that okay this guy is looking sharp. 

It’s little tricks and tips that make a big difference in your daily look. Go into your closet and figure out what do you want to wear tomorrow! And let me know in the comments below how do you feel about my first dressing blog. 


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