A place where your heart is.

home is where your heart is

It was a regular hot day in Pakistan and we were ready to go home after long days at finals. I came out with my friends and we all looked at each other without any worries about the grades. We all had one thing on our mind, it was vacation. Keep in mind we all knew that we failed that final but i miss the days when we just didn’t care. Failing a final wasn’t a big deal because I knew I would still pass overall. Moving on, I came home had lunch with my family. We had a driver who we use to give lunch to first before we sat down and ate. We said our prayers and started our meal. My mother always told us to get a nap in during afternoon. I still have to take that nap because of how used to I am to that. After a nap it was the time where we knew we will get on onto a bus and go to Hyderabad. This was the time we looked forward to. We waited all year for vacations so we could travel to Hyderabad. I dont think i can explain the exitement those moments had. Anyways we got onto the bus and our grandmother picked us up from the station. After that it was nothing but freedom. I would say the word freedom because we could do whatever we want and nobody could’ve stopped us. It was our grandmothers house! Sometimes our cousins use to visit Hyderabad and all you could see was hapiness in the air. We use to hookup the playstation and play all day. Then when after summer ended we all go our own ways until next time.

My heart lies in that moment still. 

via Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place


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  1. Okay, you are making me so emotional today reading your pieces ❤ This is beautiful. Are holidays a hard time for you to be away? I just moved across country and I am away from all my family, it's tough for me. xx


    1. I just miss how things use to be. I got so involved in time that I realized what I missed out on and moving away from my home country makes it realize you what you had. And you cant really go back to those days. Im fine, just miss those.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think we all have taken moments for granted from childhood or even later on. I understand. Nastalia is a two edged sword I find 😉


      2. Oh, really? Don’t like my serious side?
        Well a girl can only flirt so long without encouragement 😉


      3. I bet I’m the only guy who got you thinking about your real self hahaha. Everyone on your blog be horny af 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ohh gawd! 😂😂 You kill me and make me work extra hard. I may be starting to actually like you 😉


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