Being in love with a party girl. 

She’s outgoing, every night she goes out. You fell for her exactly how she was right? Then why feel threatened when she’s doing the same exact thing over and over after you two are together. She deserve to be happy too. Yet, here you are making sure she’s safe. She’s safe. She’s with her friends. Stop thinking about that fact that her friends are drunk and single. Let them be stupid. Your girlfriend isn’t stupid. She knows how to take care of herself. Text her. She’s not replying. Maybe she passed out on the floor. Is she okay? She’s probably being hit on by some random guy who is trying to get some tonight. You should’ve been there to protect her. It’s your fault. Oh, she replied she left her phone upstairs. She’s fine. 

Omg she has a bf and she just made out with some guy wtf?

And you’re back to being worried about her. I mean, why? You trust her right? Okay. It’ll be fine just breathe and let it go let her have a good time you will get in her way if you text her. Go play your Xbox or something. Ask her how she doing again. Not again, you don’t want to annoy her. She’s my gf idc, hey are you doing okay? . Damn it, she’s fine. Don’t worry about her she’s just with her friends having a good time. Next time go with her and be with her at the party. But I don’t party? You should because you love her and just take care for her. Also, I don’t want to be clingy. She will think I’m clingy. I’ll go to a party. I hope she’s home safely. 

Text me when you’re home safely 

She will text me right if something was up. She loves me. Why am I feeling insecure. Nah, I’m just worried that’s all. She’s a party girl bro calm yourself down she been doing this lifestyle before you two met. She loves you. You’ll see her after the weekend anyways stop freaking out. What if she’s throwing up and she needs me? She would call me right? What if some guy sees her being vulnerable and she gives in. Her friend gave in. She would give in too. I have work tomorrow morning I should really sleep. 

I’m home have a goodnight baby, I love you. Ttyl

Okay phew, she’s home I can go to bed now. Damn, I only get 4 hours of sleep before work. It’s okay, you love her. You’re all satisfied now, put your phone down and sleep.

I’m going out tonight with my friends to a bar near a friends place then after I’ll crash nearby at a friends place. 

Damn. Didn’t she go out yesterday night?! Okay babe have a good time. Text her all night to make sure she’s good. You love her. She loves you. 

Not saying all girls or guys think like this. Different relationships have different problems; maybe this one isn’t yours. But in many cases this is exactly what’s going through a guys head when his significant other is out. Just a late night thought put into words that’s all. 


52 thoughts on “Being in love with a party girl. 

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      1. Haha! I’m teasing- this girl only takes care of other people and I take care of myself. Perhaps you need taken care of 😉


      1. I am persistent… however you can tell me to stop & I’ll just go sit in a corner and sulk 😞


      1. I think you must be a bigger tease than I anticipated! I’m not use to having to work so hard 😉


      2. Lol! Have I worked my way up to conversation? Wow, this is very exciting.
        (yes that may have been a touch of sarcasm) No, really, I am well thank you. I am glad that the weekend is here. How are you doing? Weekend plans?


      3. Nooo I actually was asking you how we’re you doing and no I don’t have any special plans. I work a lot on the weekends sadly

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I am really glad you asked 😉
        Retail right? Must also be busy with holidays? What do you like to do when you have free time?


      5. I barely have free time. Im a full time student at temple university in Philadelphia. But if I do, I play league of legends🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I remember you mentioning your college, yes. What are you studying? AWW a gamer, nice ☺️ I blog but I also do photography and art.


      7. I am studying biology and computer science (gotta have a backup plan if I don’t get into a med school). That’s nice, share your art sometimes and i will share mine 🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Great choices! Well, I Only share real me on email so.. that goes for my art. And I’d love to show you and also see yours ☺️ So if you want to email let me know. I also do chat on hangout.


      9. I understand certainly 😊 And I am appreciative that you are even conversing with me after all the hard times I’ve given you 😉 But if you ever want to IM the google “hangout” is great for live time messaging.


      10. haha! When are your finals? Then it must be holiday vacation soon for you too? Do you go home to family then


      11. Yes I get a month off! ( more writings for you). And no I’m staying in the states I don’t think I’m ever going back to Pakistan to visit the family. I miss it there but it’s too expensive to go.

        Liked by 1 person

      12. That will be exciting to read more of your writing, gives me a perspective into you.
        Well I’d invite you here as I am only about 9 hours from Penn. but I imagine that might be awkward 😉 lol. Do you have any family here?


      13. 😦 I hope friends or somewhere you will go for holiday. Now I fear if your answer is no, that you will have to come to SC and the beach 😉
        Do you celebrate a holiday? We do Christmas.


      14. I will hold you to this,lol! Myrtle Beach is quite a nice spot. I can show you around, lots of great places out of the way that tourists don’t know about.


      1. Well then see… I think you’d be impressed. I guess we won’t know until you agree to email me 😉


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