Depression, Despondency, Dejection.

Chances are if youre here and reading this chances are you’re suffering through depression. And its okay to be feeling depressed. If no one is here for you best believe that I am. Write your life away tag me in your post and I will write a blog post dedicated to you specifically . And every time you feel down I want you to open that blog and read through it. I want to make this post as personal as i possibly can. Depression in our society is the most common thing. Every other person is falling apart. Everyone has their own battles to fight yet they don’t think they have it in them (notice how i said think).

First ask yourself what is making you feel the way you feel? Is it your relationship with your ex or your significant other? Is it school and work overload? Is it the fact that you have failed at everything you’ve went after? People dont appreciate you? Or is just youre feeling down because of no reason at all?

Cry. Cry as much as you can tonight. When youre done crying wipe those tears off of your face and I want you to go to a mirror. Look yourself for a good minute; and tell yourself that was it. That was the last time ill let (your problem) bother me. Do something about it. 


You arent the only one who is feeling this pain in your chest because your person left you. It sucks when someone leaves. First day of the breakup atleast one of you is suffering through this heavy type of pain in the chest. The worst part about this pain is, it does not go away no matter what you do. So, what do you do? Heres my advice to you, if you have a friends go see them and pour your heart out. Everytime youre feeling down you pour your heart out. Youre going to be repetitive and at some point you might think that youre being annoying but be selfish, and talk it out every time youre feeling down. You pickup that phone and you start typing how your ex hurt you and he/she is the most heartless person in the world. Remember, its okay to cry. You want to talk to as many people as you possibly can throughout the day about this topic and just get everyones input on your situation.

Secondly, Go out. Dont be sitting in a room by yourself thinking about your ex. He/she isnt thinking about you at this point. This is your life. Let me stress that phrase because I dont think you realize it. Its YOUR life. Ill get a little geeky now to lighten things up a little. For all the gamers who are reading this; have you ever played a MMORPG game? The character the game represents who you are. Say if you die in the game, do you close your computer and just go to bed? No. You stay up until 3 in the morning trying to figure out how to get past the levels or you grind it out until you achieve what youre after. Think of yourself as that character. Imagine you just died because of your ex (it feels that way i know) and youre ready to respawn and get on with the game.

Six months from now your ex will be a distant memory trust me on this. Youll look at them and ask yourself why was I dating her or even crying over her. Listen buddy, your relationship life is like a book. And what youre doing right now is you keep reading a single chapter because apparently its your favorite chapter. What im saying is, you dont know what happens in the next chapter.

So to sum it up, what do you do to get out of the depression because of an ex? You talk with your friends (once again if you have no one to talk to, write me up and we can be best buddies i swear. All you have to do is write me saying nabeel lets talk). Go out! Get out as much as you can. You were living without that person before they entered in your life. You can live without them again. Meet new people. Do what makes you happy. Try out new things you’ve always wanted to try but you couldnt for whatever reason. Put that stupid reason to aside and do what you love doing. Write it out. I can not begin to tell you guys how much it has helped me to write stuff down. Just write your thoughts down whatever is going through your head. Remember no one has to see it, its for you. Accept the fact that it wasnt meant to be and let it go. Thats probably a tough one. But once you are out of your emotions; Sit down and think logically why things didnt work out between you two. Every relationship is different so everyone has their own reasoning . Last and probably the most important thing is have confidence in yourself. This is possibly the most important one here. If you dont believe that you are better than that, then no one in the world can be of help to you. You can look youself in the mirror and decide that okay, I deserve better than this guy. After you have confidence in yourself you will notice that you will not settle for anything less. You shouldnt have to.

Being depressed because your significant other left you is normal and you arent the only one. Everyone has went through this at some point in their lives and if I had to sum it all up in one word it would be “time”. You just have to give it time until one day you wake up and your ex isnt on your mind.

Low self Esteem.

Please stop thinking that theres something wrong with you. The only thing thats wrong with you is you thinking that there is something wrong with you. 

This is something that youre going to have to work on. Its not going to happen over night since its not as easy as getting over someone or something. Its a constant battle youre fighting amoung yourself. I understand. If youre in highschool or college and youre thinking that I dont have as many friends as the popular kids then let me tell you something; count does not matter. If youre thinking that you are no better than others do one thing asap, get off of social media and find something youre good at.

Building up confidence is tough. But you can do it. Every person has an ideal image of their perfect individual. If you want to be like them, start doing the stuff to be like them. What i mean by that is your diet, your activities etc. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Youre in this world as much as anyone else is in it. The guy/girl with 10k followers isnt any better than you because she has 10k followers. Remember, social media doesn’t define a person.

You know you have a problem and that is low self esteem. Now the question is what and how could you make it better. You know the answer better than anyone else. Dont tell me that my life sucks. Everyone has it bad. There are stories out there that will make you feel thankful for what you have. So be thankful for everything you have and just take a deep breath and start to better yourself. Dont blame youself for everything because some things are just out of your hands. Its life. Its suppose to be difficult. We wont have happy moments without the sad ones.

Im getting carried away from the topic now.

SELF ESTEEM> you are in control of your well being. If someone has told you something and made fun of you for your appearance dont let it bother you. Its easier said than done but think of it this way, if you were a famous individual they would be coming to you and copy you instead of making fun of you. People are fake. What the say what they do is fake. You dont need to be bothered by all that nonsense. I wish you the best of luck youre the person with low self esteem I really want you to work on getting better and stop blaming yourself for everything. try to look at the brighter picture and be more positive. I understand is easier said than done but everyone is fighting their own fight here. Remember that. ❤


School will make you depressed. It does. Its how its built specially if you’re living on campus. Youre away from your family youre around new people pretending to love your room mate but at the same time you dont know how you feel about her. When you guys decide to make plans youre surrounded by everyone yet you feel alone. Its an awful feeling. What do you about it though? what do you do about it all? Here is my advice. Youre going to school to study right? Like remember we were in highschool and we got accepted to a college we felt so happy. Try to remember that feeling and everytime youre feeling down know why are you doing this. If youre feeling down because of lack of friends then be around people who understand you. Worst thing in the world is being friends with someone who tells you “itll be alright, dont worry”. Youre not alone. Youre not the only one who feels like youre alone in college and nobody cares about you. Many people are experiencing that, its because this is the first time we have been away from home. Enjoy what you like doing in your free time. Some people like to go out, some people like to cook, some like to party it up, some like to read or write etc. But if you take a girl out who likes to read or write in her free time to a crazy party she would feel left out and eventually she would feel depressed and lonely. Take care of your friends people.

Its college. Itll pass in four years then you have your life in front of you to do whatever you want with it. Youll say to me “i cant help feeling this way, it just happens”. I know. Every normal person goes through it. Want a advice? listen to happy music. Turn that youtube on and watch shows that you like or even watch happy song videos. Stay away from social media. That will get to you. Im telling you social media is the worst. I deleted mine a couple weeks ago and believe me, im happier that way. And hey, you! if you feel like youre alone and you need a friend. Contact me. Lets be friends. Im serious. Talk to me.

it happens to all of us.

Just remember that. it happens to all of us. none of our lives are perfect yet here we are living it up. Atleast I am. Im pretty darn good at giving advice too so if you have made it to the end of this blog and youre feeling down; do yourself a favor and contact me. We can be friends and if you want me to write a blog posting specifically about your problem tell me. ill write it. Dont do anything stupid when youre feeling down. There are people who care about you.

Goodluck to you (Forward this message to someone who needs it; you might help them sleep well tonight)





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  1. Okay so all flirting aside, honest 😉 I have suffered with depression for 15 years. I really appreciate that you are open, bringing up a tough subject and starting a dialogue. I have quite a few pieces on it but being I am crushing on my “other” blog I can’t really tag them, so… Great piece. xx


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