Extremely annoyed

You can’t teach them how to act. 

By them I mean people in general, and it’s annoying. Every little detail about them annoy you yet we all put up a smile on our face and go do our thing. Because that’s what’s right, right?

I’ll share my experience about today’s day at work because it fits perfectly with our daily prompt. We had a feast at work. Management decided that they would like to give back to the associate and have hoagies. It was a sweet thing to do. Once I went on my break I sat down and started eating there were some people who were eating in a very nice manner, then on the other hand we had animals. I’m sorry, but we had animals sitting next to us eating. They were chewing a little too loudly. They were burping after every minute. It was maddening. I did my best finishing my food as fast as I could I went to my car to finish my food.

Im sure many people understand my frustration. Its just a little experience I wanted to share tonight. Its not the end of the world, I went in my car and finished my lunch. Moreover, now I know to never eat in the break room ever again.

Have a lovely day!

via Daily Prompt: Maddening


One thought on “Extremely annoyed

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  1. Number one pet peeve- people with no skills in the manner department. Eating being the worst of all. You are better than I- I would’ve said something. 😛


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