Everyone is fishing for something.

What’re you fishing for?

I bet you thought I was asking about you trying to catch Tilapia correct

Everyone in their lives is seeking something. We all are fishing for something. Some people are fishing for happiness, some are fishing for love, some for money, some for shelter, some for food and some for water; and some for tilapia. World is a tough place. We take so much for granted that we forget what we have is a privilege.

Where am i getting at? 

This time of the year is the happiest time of the year for everyone. Christmas is a great holiday. Me living in the US; I can see happiness all around then. Then right after comes the new years. Another year for people to post on their facebook status “New year new me” yet nothing changes after January 15. Point is, while you are fishing for something you need in your life think about the unfortunate ones always; be humble. Be down to earth. And Happy Holidays to you, and your family from me.

Nabeel Zubair.

via Daily Prompt: Fishing


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  1. We never finished our conversation! I assume you’ve had an outright busy day with work and studies. But hope we can visit again soon.


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