Just a little too moody; and it’s okay.

Change of behavior frequently 

you ever get like everything is good and all of a sudden your mood changes from good to bad? Let’s talk about being moody. It’s a trait that I have in my personality. It’s a good thing to have because you get to experience all the moods frequently, All the time.

As a moody person I’d say that be as positive as you possibly can because you never know when shit hits the fan and your mood comes crashing down. You have to remember that it’s in you. It’s a constan battle with yourself . Moody people aren’t fun to deal with but then again have you ever been around a person who is always happy? It’s good to be around them but it gets old. Like here my life is falling apart and you’re there smiling your life away.

Being super moody is annoying you. Like one second you’re good and the next you’re just a miserable self. You can’t help it but that’s you. Now you want attention and affection, but people are only around you for when the times are good; they’re there only when you’re funny and happy. It sucks but it’s the truth. And your true friends might not say it but even they care, it gets old dealing with a moody individual.

But let me tell you something. The happy people? The ones that seem always happy ? They’re moody too. Everyone is moody and it’s perfectly okay to be.

If someone isn’t with you at your worst, they don’t deserve your best. 

my personal experience: one of the guys I know he was going through a rough patch in a relationship (I should say his relationship was a rough patch in his life but we going to be nice here lol). His gf use to text me all the time going back and forth between how she hates him and never want to see his face again, to how much she loves him. The first couple days it was like okay, she’s confused. Every one has a different way of coping with a falling relationship so I couldn’t say anything. But damn, she kept going back and forth. So random that you would want to step away from her life. But that’s what’s it like to deal with a moody individual. Every day is different with them, every minute is unknown.

But they’re the best people to be around with! 

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