It’s time to take a deep breath and relax


For me 2016 wasn’t the best year. It was full of unwanted surprises. It was full of bad decisions one after another. But we learn from them. One day when the world looks at us they’re looking at our experience, they look at how we have reformed into the person we are. We grow old by learning from our mistakes. After all those mistakes and feeling down it takes a toll on our brain. That’s when we say hell with it. I need to be happy too just like everyone else. It’s true. You do have every right to be. It’s time to take a deep breath and let it all go. It’s time to relax.
Specially being in college I’m sure every person can relate how important it is to give yourself a break from what the world throws at us. Everyone needs some time off. Everyone needs a vacation. Lol, in my case I’d love to just relax all day everyday but sadly, our life doesn’t work that way. Students need to keep grinding it out until you made it. Then real life begins (I’m so not looking to working 5 days a week for 40-60 hours ). But in all of this we look forward to our vacation time. What is your favorite place to visit if you could?
I would love to travel to Australia and Spain. And one day I will! Meeting new people made me realize how people enjoy their time off. Some just visit their loved ones, be around family, play video games, go shopping, watch Netflix, Netflix and chill (yes, I had to) , write, sketch their life away, or just listen to songs. They’re all relaxing and this is the stuff that makes their time go by faster. This is the time when they don’t want to be reminded about their work life.
Relaxing is like escaping away from reality. That’s exactly what it is actually. Because the reality isn’t pretty in most case (I don’t like you if your reality is perfect). I’m only kidding. So tell me friends, how do you relax?
Writing about this topic just made me miss a random moment in my life which I took a screen shot of four years ago. It was our trip to the west coast. That was the definition of relaxation. Words can not describe how chill the whole trip was. Sandiego, sanfransico, Las Vegas; they were all wonderful places. La holla beach was hands down my favorite place. I remember us going there just laying on the beach for hours and hours without have to worry about anything in the world in the very moment. And we all need that. We all need moments like those every now and then.
Because we forget to enjoy life. We forget that yolo (yes, I had to. Again). It’s true though we are so busy into our lives that materialistic stuff makes us happy. Is it true happiness though? Get away. Achieve something that wasn’t on your list. Take some time off to relax. Because when you come back to your lifestyle you’ll be able to dodge every problem, every obstacle. So take a deep breath and relax.

New Years is approaching fairly quickly. For those who haven’t achieved their New Years resolution it’s okay. This year you can make new ones. One of my New Years resolution is that I will start to blog daily and look things for a positive perspective. 2016 brought me a lot of negativity, and it’s okay because I learned a lot during those tough times. I learned to take a step back from your problems and relax a little. It’s essential

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