Would you if you could? 

Time is a beautiful thing. At the end of every minute it surprises you. It’s full of surprises. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are the worst ones you’ve ever encountered. But at the end of the day time is beautiful. You learn so much as the clock ticks. You grow old. You hang onto memories. Even when people move away from you, even when they don’t want to do anything with you what you have is the memories they left you. The time they spent with you. It’s beautiful. So much can change within moments which makes you be grateful of what you have, of who you are and later; of what you’ve become. Time makes you realize your flaws, your strengths. 

Time heals everything. 

We say that “I wish I could go back in time” . For what? To repeat the memories that you’ve already lived? No, make new ones. The clock doesn’t stop ticking until it does ultimately. In your final moments you want to remember the beautiful moments in your life. You wouldn’t remember the bad ones. Nobody remembers the bad ones. It fades away with time. You’ll remember the good times you’ve spent with your family, friends and your significant other. Even when you look back in time what do you see? What do you miss the most? 

You can’t hold on to everything. I’m saying that from experience. No matter how hard you try something’s aren’t meant to be. Maybe it’s the wrong time for them to enter in your life. It depends how you deal with it. You either hold on to the memories and make it a beautiful story that you once tell your grandchildren, or you “let go” of it all and forget about it. Time makes you realize your flaws, your weaknesses. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone if you’re different. Nobody has gone through the time you’ve went through. It’s your life. Today when you look yourself in the mirror what do you see? You see yourself and you see all the things that you’ve dealt with. Be proud of your achievements. Share your happy moments, share your sad moments. 

I’ve seen people hate on people. Don’t hate them. Hate is a strong emotion. Hold onto the good times they’ve given you. Hold onto the good memories. Have a smile on your face and move on. Move on for your happiness. So one day when that individual passes you all you have to tell them is thankyou. Thankyou for entering into my life and spending your time with me. Thankyou for putting a smile on my face. Thankyou for making me happy during that time. Because they’ve given you equally amount of time that you’ve given them. Be thankful. Accept it and let it go. 

Think about it all what I wrote. Would you want to relive the moments or you would want to live today and make new memories. Memories that later on in life you would want to relive. Memories that’ll last a lifetime. Memories that’ll make you forget the past, that make you love the present. Aim for the future. Nobody can change or go back in time. But you can make your current time be beautiful. Stop living in the past. 

Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened. 



One thought on “Would you if you could? 

Add yours

  1. Memories are fleeting and time goes on and on
    But if I use some of my hours for lusting
    Knowing that they cannot be wrong
    And in that final moment’s blink
    Looking back won’t seem long
    I’ll be thankful I saw you
    This devil with a song
    ~Fallen xx

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