A month without social media

holy cow it’s been a month already. I deleted it because of some personal issues and let me share my experience so far. I’ve been happier and tension free. It’s like I do not have to care about people who aren’t in my life. When social media was there I kept going back to it; looking at people smiling 24/7 thinking how perfect they are. And when you’re feeling down that messes with you head. What I’ve learned is the fact that I don’t know about people lives anymore. I can hold a conversation next time I see them. Usually if you ask a friend what did you do all weekend they’ll say “oh you didn’t check out pictures on my Instagram I was at the game” . Well no I didn’t because I don’t have social media. So yes, tell me about your weekend.

Its a different time we live in. But I feel good about what I did. Moreover I got to meet some great people on here while I was away from people who I knew in real. And I like that. I love meeting new people. So my advice to you guys if you’re feeling down or depressed you should try this too! It’ll make you feel disconnected from the world and in my case that’s all that I wanted. I don’t want to know about someone’s life 24/7; we all got our own stuff to worry about so why bother looking into someone else’s life. Ya know?


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  1. Agreed! I majorly downsized my FB ages ago. WTF is with people have thousands of “friends”?! I keep touch with a few long distance friends and family. It is convenient. I do not live on it and I am real on it, not fake. Sometimes life just sucks and so take it or leave that is what my day looks like- if I even share that. Because, who really cares about what someone had for dinner or if they had good sex? 😉


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