When you’re rich.

For most of us we assume money makes us happy. Hell, for me atleast I would say yes it would be nice to have it. Alot of us do what we do because we want to earn some sort of payment. We want to get richer everyday. We wish we were living lifestyle of celebrities. We even pretend to be them when we are dressing up and going out. We pretend we are in a movie from time to time. Some of you probably thought to yourself that I can be a better actor then xyz in a movie. Am i right? Well something very interesting happened at work earlier today. I found out that my coworker is a millionaire.

I work at a flooring store; big warehouse/ outlet for flooring. We get people who are willing to spends ten grand right then and there. So money is all around me. Dealing with them takes a certain type of patience and respect. Anyways, my coworker who is in his late 40s told me he had it all. Me being me, i laughed it off. But later on in the day we came back to that topic and he still said the same thing again. The reason why he is working at the flooring store as a designer is because he has a medical condition. Doctors told him to get  a part time job so you can keep yourself distracted. That’s why he works there. I was impressed. It was weird for me to work besides a guy will a lot of money working the same job as me. Since this was my first personal interaction with someone with that kind of money, me being me; I ask him a question.

what is it like?

he smiles, “what? having three million sitting in my bank account? its really not a big deal to me its just money. Yes its nice I don’t have to worry about expenses and I can get anything I want. I am so used to it. But Nabeel, I do not brag; most people who come here they think they’re the shit because they earn more than us. I can buy them all if I want to. I do not know how much longer I can work here for. People suck”. Its retail. What did you expect. His answer made me wonder couple things. This guy is used to his lifestyle and he doesn’t care for it.Which I thought was very good, also the fact that he does not show off. He doesn’t show off his money to anyone else. I mean nobody knew about him being rich right? We were discussing among our co workers and that how the topic came up. Of course later on during my shift I asked him to show me pictures. He lives exactly like a celebrity. Good for him! it actually made me happy for him that he has all that.

Just wanted to share my experience at work today I thought it was pretty cool having to work with someone who doesn’t need to work all his life yet here he is working in retail selling tiles. Its neat.


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  1. My best friend and her husband are super wealthy. But they drive a Honda and don’t flaunt. Just down to earth people. The type that like to go for dinner and movies. It is always refreshing when you find people that you don’t realize have money and just seem like the regular blue collar working class.


      1. Agreed. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Specially when you are working hard to get to that place. It is refreshing however if you can also be real whilst having money. Those are the people that are truly remarkable, imo. xx


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