In pieces 

Why is it that thoughts of an individual comes in pieces? You think you’re over them but all of a sudden something hits you and bam 💥 you’re right back where you started. It shouldn’t be like that. If a person decided to leave your life why does our mind keep reminding them of them. 

It’s not just me. It’s a lot of people who put a smile on their faces through the day but as soon as they get into their bed at night something happens; depression hits. Am I depressed? No, not anymore atleast. I feel happy most of the time but then most of the time I’m just like life sucks. And it does suck for majority of reasons. 

What’s your suggestion? Like what would you do about missing someone who you can’t have back into your life. Because no matter how hard you tell your minds that life is okay, life is good it wanders. Our mind wanders to things we don’t have, the things we can’t have. 

I’m in pieces thanks to you. 


3 thoughts on “In pieces 

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  1. I’d tell them to look me up and I will tell them it will be okay ❤

    I actually do know this loss it's really hard. You do have to let yourself grieve and there is no time limit to that for any one person. xx


  2. So pieces have more surface area actually for a reaction. a solid has less surface area for reaction than its powder. Therefore, yes you are in pieces, but when u love with all them pieces it will be way stronger and way better 😉 #ImAMadScientist #Jaanmeri


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