Simply sexy

Dark blue skinny jeans with a button down and beige color shoes can never go wrong. Even though it was just a trip to the mall I decided to look somewhat decent. I didn’t have to put in a lot of work, instead of a tshirt I decided to wear a navy blue button down shirt. Once you decide to throw a shirt on that is going with the outfit you’re 75% done so might as well go all the way right? Here comes the shoes. Always wear contrasting shoes if you want them to look nice. You can not see the belt in this situation but if you were to wear a belt and show it off your belt matches your shoes always. 

Anyways after shoes are done make sure to wear a nice watch. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it should be just enough to say that “okay this guy knows what he’s doing”. Wearing a watch to me, is a statement. You’ll feel good about yourself. Lastly, after you’re fully dressed up you have to put a cherry on the top right? I mean you can’t be thinking of wearing a sweatshirt to cover all that correct? So you wear a pea coat. Throw that on there, in this case mines black. Black, navy blue, gray goes with basically all the colors. So if you’re not sure invest your time into those. And tada! You’re all set.

I’ll talk about facial hair too while I’m at it. I decided to go with clean look. It makes me look like I’m 17 again but I prefer that over portraying myself as a lazy individual. So that’s why i decided to keep it nice and clean. Plus I have dark hair so it all goes well together I think? Right?  Here is the overall outcome 


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