It’s a new beginning; New Year’s Eve.

This time of the year comes every year yet every year we all swear that we will accomplish things that we haven’t by far. But things are different this year. I remember, last New Year’s Eve I didn’t want anything at all. Life was okay, sad part was that I was okay with it. So this year my goals has changed. I want to be a better person, a better individual. I want to be more happy than last year; I want to be more positive. I did mention in my previous blogs that 2016 wasn’t the best year for me, anything that could go wrong went wrong. It sucked but that’s life. Of course there were some beautiful moments with couple individuals that I want to keep them a secrect (for now). But other than that it wasn’t pretty. Life happened to me in 2016. But none of that complaining anymore. I took care of things. I got hurt and it’ll leave a nasty scar on my life but to me, it’s just a scar. I guess the next person in my life is going to have to accept me with the scar. Right? 

First of all, I wish you a very Happy New Year’s Eve. Whats your New Years resolution? I want to know. Seriously, take a minute out and share with me. So here are mine, 

  1. I want to be successful in whatever I do. Mostly it has to do with school since my school took a hit because of life. I want to start things where I left off and excel in them. So GPA goals are 4.0 this coming semester starting the 17th of Jan. 
  2. Blog postings everyday about something. Starting today, I will post atleast once a day so if you guys like fashion, daily blogs about random stuff, pictures, late night thoughts etc please hit that sub button and let’s get to know each other! 
  3. Be happy. I want to be happy now. Things haven’t been easy, and I’ve been positive through it all but now, I want to be happy starting this year. 

Those are do-able right ?

They aren’t crazy i know but small steps people! Haha I will work on every single one of them. I will be traveling tomorrow to Canada to celebrate New Years with my cousins. It’s my first time visiting there so it should be exciting! Once again a very happy new year eve and a very happy new year to you all. 

Work hard towards your resolutions.


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