Reliving the good old days

What if you could relive the good old days? 

First of all, a very happy new year to everyone who is reading this. I hope the new year brings you all comfort and happiness you deserve. I hope all your resolutions and dreams come true. 

My New Years usually is just chilling at home with the family but this year i wanted to do something different. And let me tell you it’s worth doing something different once in a while. I decided to make a trip to Canada to visit my cousins and spend New Years with them. It was the best decision ever. I’m here right now just got done with the dinner and I’m sitting in my basement waiting for the ball to drop (NYC tradition). 

I strongly suggest that people should go out and do something interesting in there New Years. Spend it with your loved ones, go out and have a good time. It’s a perfect start.

The drive from Pennsylvania to Canada was 11 hours. It wasn’t the best car ride but it was fun. The weather here is extremely cold with winds upto 25mph. I’m sitting in the basement with a blanket waiting for New Years because to me, this is what perfection looks like. 

So you know how you wish you could relive the good old days? 

Tonight is that night for me. I’m with the people I use to hangout with 24/7 back in Pakistan and those were the best time of my life. We met after ten years! Its the perfect night. 


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