When the reality strikes, again. 

Vacations are beautiful.

In fact even after a trip of a couple days I would still suggest that do something out of the ordinary. Because at the end of the year we don’t remember half of the stuff we did throughout the year. Do you remember your boring days? In my case there are times when I remember just sitting at home doing nothing and being bored. It happens to everyone I’m sure. So I would say that get out and go somewhere for couple days it’ll be escape from reality. And at the end of the day it’s relaxing. There are a couple things that I learned after a short trip to Canada which I recently came back from. 

Firstly, a weekend away or a vacation is always tiring. You will always lose sleep in traveling. Your sleeping hours will be so messed up that you will end up sleeping whenever you can wherever you can. Kinda like my usual when I’m going through finals week lol. So yes, it gets tiring. But you have to remember that what did you gain from the experience? As long as your list of things you saw or learned in that trip is there, you’re good. Always make sure the trip is worth it. And 99.99% it is. Because doing same thing everyday gets boring and everyone could use a break at times. So yes, get out with whatever Time you have atleast once a year you will feel happy about yourself even when you’re tired and exhausted. 

Secondly, it brings you back to reality. A time away from home is an escape from reality. I’m sure we can all agree on that. But when you come back to your old life reality hits you and sometimes it’s not the most pleasant thing but it is what it is right? I’m glad to be home because I missed it. Even when I was only gone for a couple days I started to miss home. I remember that I’m missing my friends and family that is near my home. So yes a vacation will make you realize what you have kinda. If that even makes sense? 

Here I am laying in bed after a fairly long day getting ready to pass out but it feels good to be home. As busy as I am with my lifestyle I missed it. A little escape is necessary because you need that reset button. One good nights sleep will put me back on track and I’m probably going to be more efficient at work or even in school. One last thing I’d like to say is that 

Don’t leave anything for later. If you feel like doing something at this very moment do it. If you can do it or if you can visit the place you should totally pack you bags and leave. Because when you decide to put it aside even for a month it’ll never happen and the “plans” will fade away. You don’t want to wake up one day realizing that you didn’t do a lot of stuff that you said you would. 


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