temptation is the worst and the best thing at the same time.

Its the urge to do something knowing that it isnt the best thing to do. But you still do it because its what we are; humans. Lol we can not get anything good out of it at least from my experience. Since im a college student I’d like to share a couple of stories where temptation won.

Who remembers their finals week? At my age finals week is probably the most important week of the year where nothing matters but the exam you’re about to give the next day. Ofcourse while youre sitting down and studying you get tempted to do all sorts of stuff. Like in my case i remember I wanted to update my windows or play League of Legends a night before the exam knowing that i will regret it. Or even going out late at night knowing we havea  morning class which I probably will end up skipping. Temptation is always there its different for every person. For me it lies in little things that add upto having a big affect. Im not saying im proud of it but its who I am as a person I would do stuff knowing that its bad for me but who the hell cares right?

Seriosuly though, a night before exams is the worst night ever. Youre reflecting back on the year you’ve studied it all and youre revising everything all over again. It could be just me possibly. We lie to ourselves that we have studied everything and we will be fine. Temptation kicks in and all of a sudden you have the urge to go out with your friends to do whatever. Well, 9 times out of 10 i usually do end up doing whatever and the morning after while im sitting down in classroom and professor is passing out the papers we pray. we pray to god that muliple choices be easy. I still remember how my teacher from highschool use to talk before passing out exam papers. “the answer is right in front of you, just circle the correct one” ; well, yeah. Answer is there but also its mixed in with its identicle quadruplets.

some of the best stories come out of temptation. 

At the end of the day I pass all the exams but after a while we remember the nights where we did something we would regret and we laugh about it. Call us crazy but we are in our twenties now, we makemistakes that we regret but we dont forget and we keep making the same mistakes over and over because of temptation. Thats college life for you.

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