There’s something about you. 

Part one 

It was before you came into my life. Everyday was ordinary. I woke up every morning with knowing my schedule. There was nothing to look forward to but then one day I met you. I didn’t even meet you, it was more like I saw you. Love at first sight doesn’t exist or I would call it that. My first impression towards you? You’re gorgeous. Days went by I tried talking to you but couldn’t. Finally I took a deep breath and decided to strike a conversation. It lasted less than a minute since it was reguarding school work. But it was good enough for me to stop you in the hallways to talk to you again. You noticed me. That was my intention. 

Weeks went by and I saw you again. This time after the exam. We laughed about how badly we both failed. School isn’t easy; moreover it’s boring. You gave me something to look forward to during my school. I mean it. 


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