It’s a beautiful day

Its a beautiful Sunday morning. It’s about 1130 here and boy am I a sleepy head. I still have two hours until work so I decided to get me some breakfast that’ll last me atleast half a day at work. I got a text from a friend that one of the people I knew were no longer with us. 

Hold on to the memories you made with someone you “hate”

 All of a sudden all the grudges and all the fights we fought were forgotten. Only thing I could think about was the good memories I spent with them. It’s the memories that last remember that. Now I’m the type of person to shake your hand even if you did me dirty. It’s how I’ve been raise. So as I’ve gotten older I realized that people will not stay in your life forever. Even the ones who promised you will stay they will eventually end up leaving. And it’s okay because that’s what life is. It’s all twists and turn. Some for the good but some are bad. 

Remember, memories. 


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