Once upon a time 

Backing up your devices is essential. Atleats thats what people say. Well earlier tonight I went back into the backup and I had to restore my device. It took sometime but after that it got restored to two years ago. You know sometimes you’re trying to let go of things and all of a sudden something reminds you of them? Well tonight was very similar to that. All the pictures, text messages and emails were from the past. I use to talk to people like they will always be there but surprisingly I literally text only one person now from that list. It was definitely fun though, to go back and read old messages. Some ofc were disturbing because it contained information about my ex. It’s like I was during that time when everything was okay and perfect. It had pictures of the times I went out with my old group of “friends”. I don’t even know if they’re alive right now or where they are in their life. Remember this was only two years ago. It’s crazy how much changes in such a short period of time. I miss the memories definitely but I’m glad I cut ties with a lot of people I use to talk to. 

Also a personal note to everyone who is reading this: if you’re trying to let go of an individual or a thing; maybe you don’t want to restore your device. Trust me on this, it’ll destroy your night and you will hate your device for doing that to you. 

It was definitely fun though. 


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