Goals and dreams

It’s weird how I think. I think a little too maturely for my age. But whatever right? Here are my goals for next ten years. And I know for a fact that I will not stop writing or stop blogging until then so this could be my guidance or a check list to my goals. 

  1. Graduate. It’s true. I can not wait to graduate. I’m not the brightest person when it comes to school. Yes I’ll get the grades and I’ll pass the classes but I hate doing it. And specially in today’s world if you want to become something or someone important you need to have a degree. So yes, graduation is number one. And I don’t just want to graduate I want to graduate with a gpa above 3.0. (2) gpa above 3.0 starting this coming semester. I won’t say I want a gpa of 4.0 because let’s be real; it’s unrealistic.while we are on the topic of grades let me tell you that I’m struggling real bad in school. I’m on acddemic probation; meaning if I don’t do well this coming semester they will kick me out. Yikes. But don’t worry, I got this. 
  2. Find the perfect woman. Someone recently told me that my personality is fairly different. Haha trust me I know it is. I wouldn’t call myself crazy but I’m too much to handle as a person. But what they said were ” you have a unique and a special kind of personality and it’ll take a special person to compliment it”. I’m not looking for you woman but I need you in my life. So wherever you are, come here in my arms because we need some magic in our lives. 🙃
  3. Have my own family. Okay so this one is kinda a continuation of number 2. You meet a girl, you fall in love, you marry her and she has your 200 babies. That’s my goal. Some people might say enjoy while you can or live life you’re still young but honestly, getting drunk and screwing women randomly isn’t my thing. It never clicked to me honestly. So yes, I’m the family type of guy. At 26-28 maybe i want to get married. But let’s see where life takes me. 
  4. Build my own house/ being financially stable. This one is a big one for me. From where I’ve been and what my past have been, I’d like to say that I’d do anything and work hard af to be financially stable. Not going to get too much in it but I’ve seen my parents suffer a lot financially and I would love to take over and be financially stable. But! Once that part is done I would love to build my own house. Since I work at a flooring store I have whole map/floors of the house designed already . And I am excited for it. I want one side of ye house facing our backyard which is made of nothing but transparent glass. A house with basement first floor and second floor. A nearby tree house and a backyard with all sort of plants and trees. I’ll write a blog on this topic separately because if I get going on the type of house I want, lol, I won’t stop. 
  5. Travel. Last but not the least. I love traveling. I love exploring new places. I love trying new foods. So yes, wherever I plan to travel I will be posting it here like recently I went to Canada I shared whatever pictures I took. So eventually I want to travel to Australia, India, turkey, Spain, Italy and England. Those are my main countries that I would love to go to and I will one day. 

So tell me , what’re your goals? 

And as thing list gets longer I’ll write another blog to cover it. But for now, this is what I want from my life. Can’t wait. 


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