This night 

Tonight is a nice chilly night that took me back in Time. You know how sometimes a scent or a a feeling reminds you of someone special in your life? Well that happened to me earlier tonight when I went outside to take the trash out. It reminded me of an individual that is no longer in my life. I use to go out to talk to her on the phone for hours and time use to fly by. While I use to walk outside the chilly breeze that use to hit my face while walking around my parking lot. And that was tonight. You must be thinking what In the world is this guy talking about. 

Well I just felt like sharing an emotion I felt today while taking out the trash. That’s all. 🙃

It probably has happened to you to while you’re doing something random you miss that person so much that you just want to go back in time and keep reliving that moment but you really can’t because of stupid life. And drama, and stupid stuff that doesn’t really matter. You know the old saying it’s never too late to start over? Well if this happens to you I suggest make that phone call, text that someone that use to be special because you never know; maybe they thought of you while listening to some song on the radio. 

Goodnight y’all 


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