Dark tunnel 

The time it takes for you to detach from an individual is hard. It’s like a dark tunnel that seems like it would never end. But every tunnel ends and as soon as you get out; you’re hit with light. It’s usually so bright that you have to squint your eyes to get vision back. Well I can’t say that I’ve gotten out of the tunnel but I sure do see the light. It’s a little far away but I see it. 

My perspective of things are different. When I decide that I’m “done” with a person it doesn’t mean they’re dead to me no matter how they were to me. A lot of that has to do with my personality too. I hold on to the memories they’ve given me, I hold on to the times I’ve spent with them and I move on. I decide to move forward. For my peace of mind I thank them for everything they’ve done and I wish them the best of luck with whatever they achieve in life. A little part of me wishes that I would never see them again because then that makes things complicated and I don’t like complicated. But yes, forgive and forget is what I live by. 


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