It all begins tomorrow, again.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the reset button. It’s 2:01am and I have to be up in less than 5 hours to catch a train to my university. It’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness that I feel since I’m going back to school after such a long time. 

My thoughts? My brain is in thousand places right now. It’s stupid stuff that really shouldn’t matter but me being me, I’m thinking about it. Once I get all tired and what not I’ll sleep like a baby. But this is me right now. 

So! Tomorrow is first day of school. I’m a student at temple university in philadelphia and I’m excited for what this semester holds me. I’m not graduating on time so that’s why you will find my blogs to be a little depressing. And I had to take some time off too during some personal reasons. It sucks but I am past all that and tomororw is a new beginning. I’ll be blogging about my school life but not in a boring way that nobody cares about. No, I’ll be blogging about stuff that I learned as the semester progresses. 

I hope you like what you read! 



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