Design and Abstraction.

Second day at school and here I am writing about my day. Well classes went well. I like all my courses and I love my teachers. Everyone is super friendly and its great. That being said  I took a course this semester that has absolutely nothing to do with my major but lowkey its been my passion that im kinda learning about now. Its sketching. I took a course this semester so my sketching skills get better and if i actually see a big improvement ill proceed into taking another similar course which will be the continuation of this current course. As of right now I was the only Computer science student in that class and everyone else was art major. Safe to say that they knew their stuff.

Well it was only second day so ill get a hang on these classes. But the reason why im writing this is because if things go the way I want them to go I will be posting and sharing all my drawings with you guys! Im super excited for this particular course. Every other course is all coding and math stuff so its the boring stuff/


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