Its my birthday 

You know sometimes you want nothing but someone’s attention on your birthday. You want that one particular person to wish you a happy birthday. Those two words can make or break your day. Well in my case that was the case. In my case, she ‘break’ the day. It’s my fault for expecting them to text me or wish me. I guess I’m just used to her wishing me throughout all these years. But that feeling lasted only for about a little bit until me and my friends went out to dinner. I looked around the table and I saw the people who cared. I saw the people who have been there since day one. That’s when it hit me. 

Nabeel what the hell are you doing waiting for that one person? 

I promised to myself that night I will not let that someone bother me ever. To be honest she’s not worth it anymore. People who matter came out and had a good time with me. These guys are in grad schools, they didn’t have to come; but they did. That’s what I want in mylife. People who actually care. People who don’t walk away. (Bromance) hahaha

But yes! We went out to Cheesecake Factory and it was one hell of a time. It was much needed. I ordered banana cheesecake for the cake and I highly recommend you guys try it. It’s awesome. To be exact we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Philadelphia . 

But yes; thankyou all of my friends for coming out and celebrating the 23rd with me! 

P.S: I’m the guy in the blue sweater and white shirt. 😎


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