“you’re crazy for thinking that”

If you’re a guy in college and you’ve called a girl pretty or beautiful or gorgeous Im sure at least once you’ve heard this phrase from her. Its all fun and games until she keeps repeating it. She really thinks she’s not pretty enough for you. And that right there kills me a little.

Ive been talking to this individual (nothing more than friends for now) and earlier tonight I told her she had a very beautiful smile. Which she did. Smile is the most wonderful thing in the world. Now i noticed that every time she snapchat me she used that premade makeup filter. Like okay, i understand people use that but for every picture is too much i feel like. Then as per request she finally took a picture of her “actual” face and sends me it. Now this is my personal thinking; i find a girl 200x more attractive without makeup than with makeup on. Idk why that is but i do. So i told her how pretty she was. She replies “you’re crazy for thinking that”.

What does the word pretty means? There is literally no definition of that word. Let me explain what Im trying to say here. It has a different meaning to everyone. Maybe what I find pretty someone else doesnt. And thats what most of these girls experience these days specially in our generation. Its the fact that someone told them theyre not pretty and now they believe it. No, you’re beautiful to me. I dont care what anyone else says.

I guess you can call this blog more of a rant haha but i had to let it out.

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Just in case you’re one of those people who doubt that they’re not “pretty” i suggest you make some changes in your life. You are what you believe you are.

i think im pretty sexy. 


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