Give it time; it’ll be okay. 

It’s a good old saying that time heals everything. It’s true. People who dwell on the past are never happy or they’re miserable. You can fool the world that everything in your life is great but when you’re in bed late at night the reality strikes. 

Ever since I started to blog I saw a change in my blogs. My earlier blogs were depressing and me expressing my experience and feelings for an individual. If you’ve been here since day one you probably know what I’m talking about. And now it’s been almost two months since I’ve been blogging and look at the difference now. My blogs seem happier; they seem more promising. 

Yes there are nights where I feel down but that’s just something that’ll change over time and it’ll all go away. I’m not seeing anyone; I’m still recovering from my last relationship but I’ve been happier. I’m finally getting to understand that 10 years from now none of this is going to matter. It’ll all be a dull memory. Hell, who knows maybe it wouldn’t be a memory either. 

How did I get where I am today? I’d like to share a little exercise I did. I want you to think about the time when someone left you about 2+ years ago. Do you care about that person now? Your feelings 2+ years ago affect your daily life today? Do you even talk to that person or run into him? They could be on your social media and you don’t even notice them probably. So think about that. Think about the fact that what was so special to you two years ago wouldn’t be there for you now and that’s how life works. Plus, I like to think that they’re missing out. It’s completely not your loss; it’s their loss too. They’ve missed out an amazing opportunity to turn something special into nothing. And guess what? Someone else would love that what your ex took for granted. 

So on that note if you’re struggling with something this beautiful Saturday morning get out of your bed and face the day. 

You’ll be fine. I promise. 


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