On the train to Philadelphia

With all this pressure of studies and work load it’s been tough for me to blog lately. It doesn’t mean that I came here for a couple months and I stopped blogging. No, it’s just I’m occupied with a lot of things in life (mainly school). I’m an IST major at Temple University; since I changed my major you can say that it’s my first semester as the new major. It’s awesome I love it but it requires time and sitting down while figuring out coding.

Since I commute every day for an hour I think I know when I should be posting my blogs and hopefully I don’t slack off because train rides are boring and you get sleepy. There’s only 24 hours in a day so I’m constantly trying to figure out how can I make my time most productive without killing myself. Here are a couple things that keeps me going. 

1) have a schedule. 

Having a set schedule is awesome but getting to that set schedule is the tough part. I’m still making changes to my lifestyle but it’s looking promising 

2)nap when you can 

My naps are crazy long. I’ve been trying to not sleep for more than an hour now because then it affects my sleep at night. 

3)eat healthy and exercise 

This is a new one for me but it’s coming along pretty good. I recently started going to the gym and this time I won’t give up until I have the body that I want. 

4) if you’re bored, study. 

There’s always a possibility to get some studying done. Don’t ever think I don’t have anything to do. There’s always something to do and learn. It’s a tough one I know but still; learn. 

5) enjoy your school.

Looking back at my school life I wish I enjoyed more of my time. So in the coming left semester I’ll change that and go out often in my free time and make new memories.

These were pretty basic 5 college things that makes my day go by a little better. Of course you have to throw league of legends in there late at night but then it messes with your sleep (once in a while isn’t that bad). 

Have a wonderful day! 


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