For most of you that already know that I am in College studying IST. Im learning how to code right now with two languages (Java and Python). Around next semester or possibly sooner I plan on starting to work on my own application. My question to you guys is what are some of the apps that you wish existed. It seems like everything is out there already. I have a couple of ideas of my own but Im trying to pick peoples brain here. So if you take a minute to write about what your thoughts are I would really appreciate it. Even if its just a game or something ‘stupid’ tell me about it. All comments are highly appreciated. Thankyou!



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  1. Hey Nabeel! First off, congratulations on learning Java and Python.

    I personally would love to see an app in which users can share notes from class. Uploading notes can earn users points that they can then redeem for free lectures on the same topics and prizes. Just a thought!


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