They’ll come back. 

Make sure your intentions are pure with whatever you do. Make sure that when you go to bed tonight you’re going to bed with a clear head. People don’t last in your life. They drift away, they move on, some move to a different state, city or even country. Worst part is if they’re not really really close to you, they won’t even say goodbye. And you’ll find out from Facebook. It sucks doesn’t it? Think about it. That’s life though. 

But sometimes they decide to come back to your life because of whatever reason 

Recently a certain somebody decided that they wanted to be cool with me all of a sudden. If you’re the type of person that hold grudges then maybe this will be a little tough for you but still try; try to let go of the past even if it was couple days ago. Try to get over it mentally. Emotionally it’s hard to let go of things. TRUST ME I KNOW. 

Being an emotional wreck isn’t fun but there is a light at the end of every tunnel. So if someone decides to come back to your life and make peace to you; you smile let them back into your life. Here’s the thing, they don’t have to be close to you; they don’t even have to be anywhere near you ever but breaking the ice will bring peace to your mind and heart. Something’s you don’t let go though. Which is okay. Sometimes you don’t give people chances, you don’t let people near you because you’re afraid that they’ll hurt you again etc. so you be the judge of that. 


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