Sitting in the dark.

From time to time power use to go out in our flat in Karachi. Temperatures use to spike upto 55-60C which is pretty hot. I use to sit out on the terrace of my apartment and gaze at the stars. Either that, or just sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Once you’re out there your mind likes to wander to different directions. You think about life. Even when i was 15 i use to think about life because in Pakistan thats considered an adult.

what if things were different than how they are now. Im getting tired of power going out everynight. What is the life like on the other side of this ocean. Where is that plane going to. The emotions of people on that plane are so different. Everyone is looking forward to doing something. Everyone is constantly moving around seeking something. What will be my life like 10 years from now”

its been 10 years.

Tonight i opened my door and i saw it snowing. As soon as i started to stare at the snow falling down it took me back to the memory in pakistan. Its like nabeel you wished for this day and here you are now. Ten years after you are finally away from what you didnt like. Its good.


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