Dead End

Even though I’m only 23 years old it feels like ive been around for way too long. Where ever I look all I see is people succeeding and doing  things to better themselves. As happy as it makes me it also brings me down at times. People say use that to motivate you and do better but eventually  it ends up getting to you. Why do we do it? I don’t know. It just happens. Its like I’m at a dead end where there isn’t any way for me to proceed.

Thats my summer in a nutshell.


2 thoughts on “Dead End

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  1. I’ve watched people in Asia rise from poverty and social insignificance to a PhD and respect. There is nothing can stop the human spirit from achieving what they are prepared to put in the hard yards to accomplish in time, and I’m very much aware of the difficulties in doing that when I say that.


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