Daily Prompt: Puncture

Here I am sipping my coffee its about 3:58am and I decided that I will continue my journey of blogging; looking back at my previous blogs I’ve came a long way as far as my life goes. Anyways lets talk about todays blog.

Ill try to upload daily and ill match up an event with the daily word. Its like ill be giving you my life in little pieces. Cool right?

Whats the first thing you connect to the word puncture? Personally I always connect it to my tires.  Two weeks ago my me and my dad had to replace tires of my car because of the front tire were punctured. The reason why this little incident is so important to me because this is the first time I’ve ever replaced a tire. Its one of those things that I never really needed. Every time my tire punctured we use to call AAA and get it replaced but this time my dad took the time out to show me how everything is done. It wasn’t the most easy job in the world. It was simple but lifting the car up from the jack had me in swear. Still fun though.  But i enjoyed it. We had little father son time after probably years and I learned something. It was nice.

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  1. the best aspects of blogging is that you can put your deepest desires and perspective without any interruption and it opens up endless opportunities to build the empire you want and have some virtual friends keep writing 🙂 Have a wonderful evening in the heat

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