Daily Prompt: Paragon

Mastering what you know and sharing your thoughts and ideas will make you feel better about yourself. Moreover it’ll make you feel like a leader. People will actually take time of their day to listen to what do you have to say about a certain product or a particular topic. Being good at somethings makes you “important”. Its because you have something to offer to our society.

Besides no one wants to hang around with people who don’t have anything useful to offer. Look around you. Your friends and even your family; why do you hangout with them? They’re your friends but why are they your friends? Why are you close to the people you spend your days with? Ever thought of it like that?

Its because they have some form of knowledge that you don’t possess and you want to learn from them. It could be literally anything in the world even if its the most dumbest thing it still counts. But question is where am i getting to with this topic?

If you good at something master it, be the perfect example of it. Thats what comes to my mind when i think about paragon. People who are very popular today are popular because they shared their knowledge with us and now we take their output in. Sometimes it helps us sometimes it doesn’t. But everyone of them is a perfect example of themselves.

via Daily Prompt: Paragon


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