The perfection of sunny days.

Took a little break from the real world made a cup of coffee and went out for a walk. Looking around at the greenery  while the chill breeze hit my face. Thinking about past and the future at the same time but in that moment it didn’t matter. The suns rays hit my face and it felt good. Felt like I was being recreated.

Went outside while it was sunny. I sat down next to the fireplace and I decided to put my phone away and just stare at a distance. I don’t even remember what I was staring at. It felt good though. At that moment I wasn’t paying attention to anything or anyone. Sat outside for good hour and honestly, maybe thats all that I needed to get back to my crazy life 🙂

If you’re going through a tough time or even something that is bothering you just step outside for a little take a walk and put your phone away. Sit outside for an hour and just stare into a blank space. Might sound weird at first but when you come back in your house it’ll be a nice happy feeling. That vitamin D will really help you out trust me!

via Daily Prompt: Sunny


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