Across the Bridge. What do you see?

Good Evening everyone Nabeel here. Hope you’re all doing well on this fine warm night at the east coast. Going through my news feed I came across this weeks photo challenge so I decided to post a picture I took couple days ago.

Every picture you will take will tell you a story about your past. It’ll be dark or mysterious or it’ll be full of joy. Photography is an art but everyone looks at the pictures different. What do you feel when you look at this picture of a sunset bridge? Some of you will feel calmness because of the stillness of the lake; some might feel loneliness due to dark skies and dark bridge; and lastly, some of you might feel hopeful due to darkness emerging in orange skies which gives an individual an impression of hope.

There are a lot of bridges around you as a fellow blogger get out there and take a picture of what you see. The way you take the picture and how you feel towards is what you truly feel from the inside.

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via Photo Challenge: Bridge


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