First of all Thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog page. Since you’re clearly interested in me I’d like to share some of the things about me:

a) I am a computer programmer.

Meaning I code a lot. I also take pictures of my code a lot. Im as nerdy as it gets. I hate reading books but I’ve come to realization that books actually help you a lot as a person and you learn a great deal from books. Some of the cool languages I’ve had experience with is HTML, Python, Java, SQL, C, Matlab and C#.

b) Im a blogger.

This isn’t my first time blogging. I’ve been blogging for quite sometime and I will keep doing it just so I could keep track of how far I’ve come as a person. Its a nice way to keep track of my achievements. Also who doesn’t like to go back in time and visit their past? right?

c) Im a Student.

Im currently majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Computer Science at Temple University. Thats a lot of geeky stuff! Im proud of what I learn in school and I imply what I learn in applications during my free time. If I am not studying, coding or playing league of legends. Which leads me to my next point.

d) Im a Gamer.

League of Legends. Thats all I got.




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