For most of you that already know that I am in College studying IST. Im learning how to code right now with two languages (Java and Python). Around next semester or possibly sooner I plan on starting to work on my own application. My question to you guys is what are some of the apps that you wish existed. It seems like everything is out there already. I have a couple of ideas of my own but Im trying to pick peoples brain here. So if you take a minute to write about what your thoughts are I would really appreciate it. Even if its just a game or something ‘stupid’ tell me about it. All comments are highly appreciated. Thankyou!


On the train to Philadelphia

With all this pressure of studies and work load it’s been tough for me to blog lately. It doesn’t mean that I came here for a couple months and I stopped blogging. No, it’s just I’m occupied with a lot of things in life (mainly school). I’m an IST major at Temple University; since I changed my major you can say that it’s my first semester as the new major. It’s awesome I love it but it requires time and sitting down while figuring out coding.

Since I commute every day for an hour I think I know when I should be posting my blogs and hopefully I don’t slack off because train rides are boring and you get sleepy. There’s only 24 hours in a day so I’m constantly trying to figure out how can I make my time most productive without killing myself. Here are a couple things that keeps me going. 

1) have a schedule. 

Having a set schedule is awesome but getting to that set schedule is the tough part. I’m still making changes to my lifestyle but it’s looking promising 

2)nap when you can 

My naps are crazy long. I’ve been trying to not sleep for more than an hour now because then it affects my sleep at night. 

3)eat healthy and exercise 

This is a new one for me but it’s coming along pretty good. I recently started going to the gym and this time I won’t give up until I have the body that I want. 

4) if you’re bored, study. 

There’s always a possibility to get some studying done. Don’t ever think I don’t have anything to do. There’s always something to do and learn. It’s a tough one I know but still; learn. 

5) enjoy your school.

Looking back at my school life I wish I enjoyed more of my time. So in the coming left semester I’ll change that and go out often in my free time and make new memories.

These were pretty basic 5 college things that makes my day go by a little better. Of course you have to throw league of legends in there late at night but then it messes with your sleep (once in a while isn’t that bad). 

Have a wonderful day! 

My get away

What do you do in your free time? Like something for yourself. All I need is some charcoal and a paper when I’m feeling down or lonely and I’m good. Putting my feelings onto paper is what I’m good at. Turning emotions into words through blogs is what I do; turning emotions into pictures Is my passion. Taking pictures of stuff that reminds you of something is what I do. 

That’s my get away from reality. 

What’s yours? 

You make me feel alive again.

How many of you use tinder? Probably alot of you; or even if you know of it. Well I met this individual through something similar to tinder and we started talking. Im mean making new friends all the time is my thing. So we start talking; its been about a week now I’ve been talking to her. And what I came to realize that I pick my phone up only to check if she messaged me. Its too early for all that right? I dont know how to express that feeling; whatever it is, I like it. She makes me feel happy again. I dont have to force a conversation to talk to her. Everything comes natural. The only downfall of this whole situation is that she lives fairly far away . 3000 miles far away. how do you guys feel about long distance relationships if this were to go down that road?Ā Im the type of person who likes to spend time with the special individual and I want to be around them. This is the first time something like this is happening to me. Have I talked to her about it? no. Because its too early for anything plus I like how things are. She texts me 24/7, she facetimes me twice in a day to see how am i doing. Its nice.

Its one of those things that you feel like are good but at the same time you’re thinking to yourself nabeel what is it that you’re getting yourself into. Again, its too early for anything but to people who ready this take a minute out and tell me how do you feel about long distance relationships? have you ever had one? would you ever consider one? I seriously want to know. Thankyou šŸ™‚

It’s almost that timeĀ 

Work where you don’t feel like you’re working

Well that’s what people say. But I look forward to it being 9pm so my store closes and I don’t have to deal with customers. 

Give it time; it’ll be okay.Ā 

It’s a good old saying that time heals everything. It’s true. People who dwell on the past are never happy or they’re miserable. You can fool the world that everything in your life is great but when you’re in bed late at night the reality strikes. 

Ever since I started to blog I saw a change in my blogs. My earlier blogs were depressing and me expressing my experience and feelings for an individual. If you’ve been here since day one you probably know what I’m talking about. And now it’s been almost two months since I’ve been blogging and look at the difference now. My blogs seem happier; they seem more promising. 

Yes there are nights where I feel down but that’s just something that’ll change over time and it’ll all go away. I’m not seeing anyone; I’m still recovering from my last relationship but I’ve been happier. I’m finally getting to understand that 10 years from now none of this is going to matter. It’ll all be a dull memory. Hell, who knows maybe it wouldn’t be a memory either. 

How did I get where I am today? I’d like to share a little exercise I did. I want you to think about the time when someone left you about 2+ years ago. Do you care about that person now? Your feelings 2+ years ago affect your daily life today? Do you even talk to that person or run into him? They could be on your social media and you don’t even notice them probably. So think about that. Think about the fact that what was so special to you two years ago wouldn’t be there for you now and that’s how life works. Plus, I like to think that they’re missing out. It’s completely not your loss; it’s their loss too. They’ve missed out an amazing opportunity to turn something special into nothing. And guess what? Someone else would love that what your ex took for granted. 

So on that note if you’re struggling with something this beautiful Saturday morning get out of your bed and face the day. 

You’ll be fine. I promise. 

“you’re crazy for thinking that”

If you’re a guy in college and you’ve called a girl pretty or beautiful or gorgeous Im sure at least once you’ve heard this phrase from her. Its all fun and games until she keeps repeating it. She really thinks she’s not pretty enough for you. And that right there kills me a little.

Ive been talking to this individual (nothing more than friends for now) and earlier tonight I told her she had a very beautiful smile. Which she did. Smile is the most wonderful thing in the world. Now i noticed that every time she snapchat me she used that premade makeup filter. Like okay, i understand people use that but for every picture is too much i feel like. Then as per request she finally took a picture of her “actual” face and sends me it. Now this is my personal thinking; i find a girl 200x more attractive without makeup than with makeup on. Idk why that is but i do. So i told her how pretty she was. She replies “you’reĀ crazy for thinking that”.

What does the word pretty means? There is literally no definition of that word. Let me explain what Im trying to say here. It has a different meaning to everyone. Maybe what I find pretty someone else doesnt. And thats what most of these girls experience these days specially in our generation. Its the fact that someone told them theyre not pretty and now they believe it. No, you’re beautiful to me. I dont care what anyone else says.

I guess you can call this blog more of a rant haha but i had to let it out.

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Just in case you’re one of those people who doubt that they’re not “pretty” i suggest you make some changes in your life. You are what you believe you are.

i think im pretty sexy.Ā

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